The State of EUC 2021 by VDI like a Pro
Hello, and welcome to the ‘End User Computing - State of the Union’ survey 2021 powered by VDI Like a Pro.  [More information] 
Our independent research organization started the ‘state of the EUC union’ survey in 2013. The goal of the survey is to get a clear view on how EUC technologies are used in the field, how EUC adoption is changing and what to expect in the future.
Please reserve 10 to 15 minutes of your time and contribute to this initiative. Data will be collected, processed and presented anonymously.
We will randomly select three community participants who will receive an EXCLUSIVE Dutch Stroopwafel arrangement + an Amazon gift card of 25$.

For more information please contact us at team@vdilikeapro.com
Thanks for your effort and stay tuned for awesome EUC insights!
Mark, Christiaan and Ruben
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